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Applied Micro Economics Assignment Help & Online Tutor Help

Applied Micro Economics is a branch of economics which uses data and econometric technique to test economic theory. Sometimes the theory being tested is well-defined but often it is a general question where the researcher does not have a specific theoretical prediction.

Within Applied Micro Economics there are numerous well-recognized distinctions. Applied micro is an umbrella term for experimental work in labor, urban, industrial organization, public, health, and political economy. While these are its traditional realms, economists have also used the same econometric methods in other areas which have leaded some to claim economics is "imperialistic."

Applied Microeconomics tests the economic theory using data and econometric methods and covers a wide range of specialized areas of studies. At times, the theory that is tested is well defined; however, often the researcher may not have a general theoretical prediction and hence Applied Micro Economics draws on methods of other fields as well. It often uses a little more than the basics of price theory and supply and demand.

There are several well-organized distinctions or sub-fields within Applied Micro Economics. It is an umbrella term often used for empirical works in fields.

In addition, a distinction is often made between "reduced-form" and structural work. Reduced form is not directly guided by a theory whereas structural derives an estimating equation from a theoretical model.

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