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AE&R Society is in education field from last five years and we have huge experience in providing quality education to students from all over the worlds. Our experts are focusing on the motto "Providing useful educational help to students using latest technologies". Under AE&R society we are running various services related to education. We provided educational help around 10,000 students all over the world.

Services Offered by AE&R Society is as follows:

Assignment help| Project help| Homework Help| Online Tutoring:

Student faces lot of problem in their academics. We provide them assistance in their assignments, projects problems. Also students who want tutoring in any subject or topic we arrange online sessions to them. We have team of experts in which we have expert of all subjects and topics.

Academic Project Help:

Projects play a very vital role in any academic curriculum. These are very useful for students as by this they easily learn the concept and know the practical application of concepts. We help students in understanding the project requirement and also provide assistance in completing the project.

Courseware Designing Help:

Courseware is very essential part of any curriculum. It helps to make any course effective and as per present scenario. We have team of experts who have years of experience in developing courseware and designing for various famous school and colleges all over the world.

Exam Preparation Help:

Exam preparation is the worst thing as per student view but we make it simpler for students by providing step wise preparation. Our experts have huge experience in providing assistance in exam preparation to students. They teach student the shortest and good techniques for solving problems.

Foreign Language Tutoring:

Due to globalization the barrier goes out. The whole world is like a village. Due to this the demand of foreign languages is increased day by day. We have experts who are excellent command in foreign languages like, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, Hindi etc.

Dissertation and Thesis Writing Help:

Student faces lot of problem in their dissertation and thesis writing. We have team of experts who assist students in writing dissertation and thesis in very effective manner.

Career Counslling Help:

Lot of students is confused in choosing right career for them. As they are in dilemma that either this one is god for him/her or the other one. We have team of career counselors who can help students in choosing career as of their interest.

Online Training:

We provide online training to students in latest technologies like SAP, SAAS and Internet marketing, PHP, JOOMLA, DOKEIOS, MAGENTO, MOODLE and I phone etc. This will help students in making promising career in those fields.

Economics Assignment Help

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Economics Project Help

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Economics Online Tutoring

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