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Topic Description
World Trade Organization (WTO) We offer comprehensive analysis of WTO principles, rules, and regulations. Our experts provide insights into dispute settlement mechanisms and offer case studies to illustrate their application.
Regional trade agreements (RTAs) Our team analyzes different RTAs, such as NAFTA, ASEAN, and Mercosur, providing an in-depth understanding of their provisions, impacts, and challenges. We also compare and contrast various RTAs to showcase their unique features.
Trade policy We assist students in comprehending trade policies adopted by countries and regions. Our experts explain the rationale behind policy decisions, evaluate their effectiveness, and analyze their impact on international trade.
Trade negotiations We offer guidance on the intricacies of trade negotiations, including strategies, tactics, and key considerations. Our experts explain the stages of negotiation and provide real-world examples to enhance students' understanding.
European Union (EU) Our team provides detailed insights into the EU's trade agreements, policies, and institutions. We analyze the EU's role in global trade and discuss the benefits and challenges of being an EU member in terms of trade.
International trade agreements We analyze and interpret various international trade agreements, such as GATT, TPP, and CETA. Our experts assess their implications on global trade, economic development, and the participating countries' domestic policies.
International trade law We assist students in understanding the legal frameworks governing international trade. Our experts analyze the sources of international trade law, including treaties and conventions, and explore their application in resolving trade disputes.
History of international trade agreements Our team provides a historical perspective on international trade agreements, tracing their evolution from ancient times to the modern era. We explore key milestones, influential agreements, and their impact on global trade patterns.

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