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Are your international Economics Assignment Helpers well-versed in capital flows?

International capital flow is one of the intricate concepts that students studying international economics struggle with. Our international economics assignment helpers are knowledgeable in this field. You can trust them with your academic paper and expect a custom-written and 100% original paper that suffices your needs.

What is international capital flows?

International capital is a sub-topic of international trade. It requires both business knowledge and analytical skills. International capital flows can be defined as the paid transfer right of the use of monetary capital between nations. The trade of international capital flows can be through both domestic and international financial markets. This can be done either by borrowing money or investing. International capital flows can be classified as per the length of using capital. They can either be:

  • Long term capital flows
  • Short-term capital flows

Flow theory

According to our international economics experts, the flow theory of international capital flows majors on the analysis of the association between capital flows and the level of interest rate. This theory states that the decisive factor of international capital flows is the interest rate. An increase in foreign interest rates can lead to the growth of domestic capital outflows to foreign countries. This is likely to continue if the foreign interest rates maintain a high level that is relative to the domestic interest rate. In contrast, an increase in domestic interest rate leads to inflows of foreign or decrease domestic capital outflows. The flow theory can be explained using Meade's proposed model:

Trade balance is expressed by: T = T[Y-,e/P+]


  • T is the trade balance
  • Y is the total output
  • e is the exchange rate
  • P is the price level

Capital Flow is expressed by: F=F(i+ ,i*- )


  • F is the capital
  • I is the domestic interest
  • I* is the foreign interest

The balance of payment can be expressed by: T+ F = T[Y-,e/P+] + F(i+ ,i*- )

According to Meade's model, an increase in domestic interest rates improves the balance of payments since an increase in domestic interest rates leads to foreign capital inflows.

What makes up capital and financial flows?

Our international economics assignment doers say that to finance trade imbalances, you must offset capital and financial flows. Doing this generates changes in the net foreign assets. Payments can be a combination of any of the following:

Capital investments

Equity securities or debt portfolio investments

International reserves changes

Direct investments in domestic firms

International capital flows concepts are mostly theoretical. However, you must be acquainted with basic mathematics concepts to perform the analysis. Our international economics assignment writers excel in this area. You will never be disappointed if you trust them with the responsibility of writing your assignment. Students who have sought the help of our international economics assignment tutors can attest that we guarantee nothing short of excellent papers. So make the wise decision of opting for our service today and reap the benefits.

Pay us to do your international economics assignment if you are not knowledgeable on the concepts of political economy

International economics focuses on the intersection of politics and economics. Global political economists argue that countries do not only interact economically but also politically. This is because people, ideas, money as well as goods and services move across the borders. International economics is a vast subject that requires extensive research and effort. It is for this reason that we recommend that you pay for international economics assignment solutions on our platform. We have an adept team of research gurus who specialize in the international political economy. Our clients are assured of well-researched and detailed papers that meet their requirements. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance with any of these concepts:

Global inequality and wealth distribution: The latest research conducted by the World Inequality report highlights that wealth and income inequality has remained a menace across the globe. The authors of the report argue that political action is necessary to tackle income inequality. Significant inequality can also exist within countries. High-income countries can be unequal as can middle and low-income countries. Over the last two, decades global inequalities have reduced between countries.

Global regulation of trade: In the past, trade was regulated using bilateral treaties signed between countries. However, after World War II, a free trade doctrine emerged. World Trade Organization (WTO) and other multilateral treaties such as GATT were created to act as the main regime for controlling global trade. Five basic principles guide how WTO operates:

  1. Non-discrimination
  2. Enforceable and binding commitments
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Transparency
  5. Safety valves

Do not let your global regulation of trade assignments give you sleepless nights. Send us a message saying, "I want to pay someone to do my international economics assignment." One of our adept and brilliant professionals will expertly draft your assignment and deliver quality solutions before your due date. Other areas of international political economy that we can assist you with are:

  • The environment in the international political economy
  • Precarization of work
  • Financial crisis
  • Labor and money

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We are a one-stop boutique for all help with internal economics services. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck with a basic college or advanced postgraduate international economics assignment. Our unique assistance caters to all topics associated with international economics. Our list of international economics topics includes but is not limited to the following:

Trade flows and policies
Currency markets
Immigration and migration between countries
International trade
International finance
Currency valuation
Balance of payment accounts
Impact of current policy environment on international trade relations
Open economy income identities
Economic development roles of the IMF and WTO
Prices in trading countries
Impact of trade and globalization on output

These are only but some of the concepts that our professionals are well-versed in. We couldn’t include all the topics and concepts because of time and space. However, we would like to reiterate that our service covers all topics related to international economics. So do not fret if your assignment topic is not on the catalog. Get in touch with us immediately and we will assign your task to one of our proficient experts.

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