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Econometrics is a branch of economics that applies statistical methods, mathematics, and computer science to analyze data quantitatively. Generally, econometrics is used in economics to carry out the analysis of a large volume of data to collect simple relationships between them. Econometrics applies statistical theory because it is the most suitable for identifying consistent, efficient, and unbiased estimators. We cover all topics in econometrics. Some of the topics you will get assistance with by hiring us include;

Economic and econometric model
Classical linear regression assumptions
Ordinary least squares estimation
Generalized least squares estimation
Instrumental variable regression
Time series regression
Panel regression model
Review of probability and statistics
Dynamic panel regression
Projection matrices
Hypothesis testing
Model in matrix notation

Categories of Econometrics

  1. Applied components – Applied components in econometrics include statistical methods with economic data. The main objective of applied components is to give empirical content to economic relations. Experts use applied components to interpret subjective financial explanations into quantitative ones.
  2. Theoretical components – Through theoretical components, econometricians research the properties of existing testing and methods for evaluating models. It depends intensely on theoretical statistics, mathematics, and numerical methods that prove that new techniques can make correct inferences.

Econometric Models

  • Probit
  •  Linear regression
  • Logit
  • Cointegration
  • Hazard
  • Tobit
  • Generalized linear models
  • Vector Autoregression

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Applications of econometrics

  1. Forecasting macroeconomic indicators – Econometrics can be used in different ways in econometrics to forecast macroeconomic indicators. This works through the application of time-series models, which perfectly predict the indicators.
  2. Econometrics is used to estimate the impact of immigration made on native workers – Immigration can help increase the supply of workers. To ensure that immigration has a positive impact, econometrics estimates help experts determine the impact that labor force will bring to the market through immigration.
  3. Identifying different factors that impact entry and exit of firms – There are many factors, such as expenses, profit levels, and government regulations that can affect the entry and exit of firms. Econometrics helps identify which factors are important for the existence of firms in a market.
  4. It helps find the impact of employment on minimum wage laws - Labors economics use econometrics to determine the impact of policies that affect minimum wages.
  5. Econometrics helps understand the relationship between insurance coverage and individual health – Health economists use econometric models to ensure that they have the correct data regarding insurance covers to know what premiums should be paid at any particular time.

Functions of econometrics

Econometrics has three main functions which are closely related;

  • The first function of econometrics is testing out economic theories that coveted econometrics experts have laid out. An example is whether the quantity demanded of a specific commodity is inversely related to its price.
  • The other function provides numerical estimates for different variables of economic relationships because they are considered very important in decision-making. A government needs to have accurate estimates of the relationship between income and consumption.
  • The third function is predicting economic events. Economic events include unemployment levels, inflation levels, and others. Governments and policymakers need to have detailed information about them when making decisions.